Island Planning

Over the years, the practice has been involved in plan-making for the islands of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The Plans have to reflect the need of these island populations to be more self-sufficient and ensure land and other resources are used more efficiently than in mainland locations. Also, the settlements and surrounding countryside often have unique characteristics that call for special measures for conservation and protection. The practice is, therefore, well-qualified to undertake the preparation of development proposals that recognise the unusual requirements of these offshore communities.


Bride Village Study
Douglas Promenade Study
Delancey, St Sampsons
Chateau Royal Grouville
The site is located north of Le Chemin au Greves within the boundary of the Built-up Area. It has an area of approximately 0.71 hectares (1.75 acres) and an L-shape configuration. It was occupied by the Grouville Bay Hotel which comprises a disparate and unsightly collection of single, two and three storey buildings including a particularly unattractive block of garages facing the golf links.

The site sits in a shallow depression being at a lower level than the area directly behind the beach and the gently rising ground further inland. As a consequence, the site is inconspicuous when viewed from a distance.

The development consists of luxury apartments, associated basement car parking and private open space. The apartments have been arranged around three sides of the site to create an important frontage in townscape terms. Where the proposed development abuts or faces existing two storey domestic properties, new buildings have been designed to make a transition in scale in order to create a satisfactory visual relationship.

The building has been designed in the character of Victorian seaside architecture of which there are notable examples on the island. Particular emphasis has been given to the provision of decorative metal balcony rails, canopies and dormers. Traditional Jersey materials are used in the construction, namely warm pink and brown granite for the podium and for facing some elements of the elevation, colour wash walls and slate roofs.

Jersey Island Plan