Design Guides

Melville Dunbar was the team leader and co-author of one of the most widely respected and well-used design guides - the Essex Design Guide. Since it was introduced, design guides have become extensively employed by local planning authorities to inspire innovative design and raise the standard of development proposals.

The practice has prepared numerous design guides on subjects ranging from agricultural buildings to the physical planning standards for new housing and the design of residential roads, parking and services.


Cork County Council, Planning Guidance and Standards Series No. 2 MAKING PLACES: A design guide for residential estate development
A Design Guide for Residential Areas, Essex County Council
The Broads, Authority Broads Design Guidance - Agricultural buildings
East Anglia Tourist Board, Towards a Design Guide for Coastal Static Caravan Parks
Static caravan parks are an important element of tourist accommodation but are regarded by many people as a blot on the landscape.

The guide suggests fundamental changes in the layout of holiday caravan sites providing alternatives to the serried ranks of caravans in a barren, tree-less landscape. The guide begins by examining the location, operation and type of facilities found on caravan sites and identifying the problems associated with them. That is followed by setting out a new approach that will deliver significant improvements involving:-
•   creation of a broader system of control on the part of Licencing
•   applying design principles derived from the layout of residential
    areas and promoting new ideas for site layout such as giving a
    'theme' to the whole or parts of the site, that will enhance
    the environment for holiday-makers.

Isle of Man Government, Planning Circular 3/91 Guide to the Design of Residential Development in the Countryside
A Design Guide for Residential Areas - Highway Standards
Manx - A Guide to the Design of Residential Roads, Footpaths, Parking and Services