In recent years many old factories industrial buildings within the heart of our towns and cities have become redundant. The practice has been appointed by the owners to prepare proposals for redevelopment which will rejuvenate the outworn fabric of the settlement and provide alternative viable sustainable uses on their brownfield sites.


Woods of Colchester
Magdalen Street, Colchester
The Maltings, Braintree
Gate Street, Maldon
The site has an area of 1.2ha. and accommodates about 60 dwellings of various types and sizes. It is located in the historic centre of Maldon close to the Conservation Area.

The site was formerly occupied by an electronics factory which became redundant. The close proximity to the town centre made the site ideal for a higher density redevelopment scheme. The site is completely self-contained and, as a consequence, is served by a single, gently curving cul-de-sac off the existing road network.

To create a generally car-free street, parking is provided to the rear of the dwellings. Enclosure of space is secured by the dwellings in mainly the form of terraces with the width of the highway reduced to the minimum. This is consistent with the character of the surroundings. The streetscene is enlivened by the use of variations of building materials and roofscape. The creation of a lantern crowning a block of apartments provides a focal; point of interest within the development.

The project received the Conservation and Design Award from Maldon District Council.