Island Planning

Over the years, the practice has been involved in plan-making for the islands of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The Plans have to reflect the need of these island populations to be more self-sufficient and ensure land and other resources are used more efficiently than in mainland locations. Also, the settlements and surrounding countryside often have unique characteristics that call for special measures for conservation and protection. The practice is, therefore, well-qualified to undertake the preparation of development proposals that recognise the unusual requirements of these offshore communities.


Bride Village Study
Douglas Promenade Study
Delancey, St Sampsons
Chateau Royal Grouville
Jersey Island Plan
The practice worked with Land Use Consultants to prepare a 'Development Plan' for the Island of Jersey.

Its purpose was to set out how the Island Development Committee considered land should be used. The main emphasis of the Plan was the safeguarding of the physical appearance and general good quality of the Island. However, it was recognised that a delicate balance had to be struck between preserving the best of the Island's character and reaping the potential benefits of change.

The Plan was in two volumes. The first described in detail the physical attributes of the Island and identified the issues to be resolved.

The second part put forward the aims of the Plan with a series of objectives to guide the way towards a vision of Jersey's long-term future. They were translated into a raft of policies and proposals that formed the basis for land-use planning decisions over the Plan period. In the Island's 'plan-led' system, the policies and their criteria were the primary consideration in all development control decisions.

The policies and proposals of the Island Plan, both general and specific, provided an holistic and integrated approach to land-use planning.