Master Plans

The development of major sites requires the ability to think on a grand scale and to handle issues involving the impact on the landscape, vehicular and pedestrian movement, land use distribution and the urban design strategy.

The practice has been selected by a number of national developers to prepare Master Plans as the pre-cursor for negotiations with the local planning authority and the submission of detailed planning proposals.


Premier Park, Portlaoise
Kilminchy, Portlaoise
Tyrellstown, Blanchardstown
The site of over 65 hectares in area is located in County Fingal to the north west of Blanchardstown which is a large satellite town of Dublin. Nearby are golf courses, a large industrial complex and the Blanchardstown Institute of Technology.

The practice was requested to devise a concept for the development and then prepare an appropriate Master Plan.

As far as the concept of the development was concerned, reference was made to the substantial hedgerows and tree belts that surrounded the site on the north, south and west sides. It was considered that they provided a strong landscape framework within which the new community could be set.

Expanding upon this theme, additional tree and shrub planting was carried out to form 'green' corridors that extended into the site from the periphery in order to:-
•   sub-divide the development area into smaller parcels
•   provide amenity, play spaces and 'low key' recreational areas
•   create attractive routes for pedestrians and cyclists

The 'green' corridors were linked to two major spaces or 'lungs' provided within the development and accommodated footpaths, cycletracks, 'trim-trails' for joggers and play areas for small children. The 'lungs' acted as focal points for the neighbourhood and were suitably landscaped to cater for mainly passive recreational activities. Dwellings fronted onto the 'lungs' to create an attractive edge to the space and to facilitate supervision of children's play.

The proposed development consisted of over 2000 dwellings and a new 'village centre' including a hotel, retail facilities as well as bars, restaurants new primary and secondary schools, crèches and a medical centre. A 'sense of place' was created by providing a variety of architectural identity areas within the landscape framework. A high quality, verdant setting was, therefore, created for the new dwellings.

Peacock Farm, Bracknell