When planning applications are rejected, there may be scope to re-apply with amended proposals that still satisfy the client's brief but are also acceptable to the Local Planning Authority. A further option is to lodge an Appeal against the refusal of planning permission.

The practice has made many Appeals on behalf of clients with a remarkably high success rate. If it is agreed with the client that the Appeal will be dealt with by Written Representations, the practice will prepare the necessary documentation and evidence to support its case.

If the application is more complex, it may be necessary to ask for a full Public Inquiry to examine the issues in front of a Planning Inspector. Again, the practice can submit the required documentation for the Appeal and, by using its contacts with planning Chambers to secure the assistance of a suitable Barrister who will handle the case. Under the Barrister's guidance, this will normally involve the preparation of evidence by expert witnesses to enable the issues to be thoroughly assessed through cross-examination in the formal arena of an Inquiry. As architects and planning consultants for the application, the practice will provide an expert witness to appear at the Inquiry.


Woodlands Park, Great Dunmow
The proposed development consisted of the demolition of the derelict former Brookfield Farmhouse and the erection of up to 190 dwellings and related infrastructure including the final northern section of the Great Dunmow North West By-pass. The application was put to Planning Committee with a recommendation for approval but was refused. One Reason for Refusal was given namely, that the development was contrary to the policy that restricted development in the countryside.

An Appeal was made to be dealt with by Written Representations. The appellants submitted Unilateral Undertakings in respect of the completion of the North West By-pass, affordable housing, education, bus services, transfer of public open space to the Council, a financial contribution to the Helena Romanes Secondary School to improve bus parking facilities and playing fields.

The outcome of the Appeal is awaited.

Replacement Dwelling, Acton
Matthews Yard, Moreton
Former Animal Research Centre, Stock