Island Planning

Over the years, the practice has been involved in plan-making for the islands of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The Plans have to reflect the need of these island populations to be more self-sufficient and ensure land and other resources are used more efficiently than in mainland locations. Also, the settlements and surrounding countryside often have unique characteristics that call for special measures for conservation and protection. The practice is, therefore, well-qualified to undertake the preparation of development proposals that recognise the unusual requirements of these offshore communities.


Bride Village Study
Douglas Promenade Study
The Study was commissioned by the Isle of Man Government.

Douglas promenade with its impressive array of hotels and guest houses was built in the 1870s to cater for the Island's burgeoning tourist trade which saw the number of visitors grow from 60,000 in 1870 to 310,000 in 1887. However, one hundred years later, the tourist's numbers had reduced in favour of the sunnier climates of the Mediterranean and further afield. The effect on the appearance of many parts of the Promenade became all too self-evident.

Notwithstanding the decline in the tourist industry, the promenade remained a very notable example of Victorian seaside architecture. The Study assessed the character of the buildings and the contribution they make to the visual quality of the Douglas waterfront. A strategy for renewal and enhancement was formulated which identified a number of proposals and incentives to encourage the rejuvenation of the area.

The Study was accompanied by numerous plans and sketch proposals which pointed the way towards the improvement of one of the Islands foremost architectural assets.

Delancey, St Sampsons
Chateau Royal Grouville
Jersey Island Plan